Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well 2 weeks sure can fly by quickly!

We arrived back home from Alaska around midnight last night!

I have decided if I can ever arrange it I want to move to Alaska! Jerry and I had such an awesome time!
We flew into Anchorage...then very early the next morning we took the train to Seward. That ended up being one of our favorite towns. Its a beautiful town on Resurrection Bay. I found a wonderful restaurant there called Chinook's! We always picked a window seat looking out at the Harbor!
Awesome fresh seafood!
We also went to Telkeetna/ this is the town that the TV show Northern Exposure was based on. It is a very unique little town just like the tv show! We loved it! We stayed at the Talkeetna Lodge, and the view from our room was of Mt. McKinley. So beautiful.
Went to Denali, and Denali National Park saw a lot of wildlife. Moose, grizzlies, Dall Sheep, a wolf, caribou and many many Eagles.
Went to Fairbanks and panned for gold. We did pretty good! Ate in some amazing resturants.
Also visited Whittier. Went on a cruise to see a glacier. Stayed in the Whittier Inn. very nice.

I will try and have pics up soon! Trying to edit them now.

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