Sunday, March 22, 2009 I hate them. I haven't had any bad ones for a couple of years. Until last Saturday. Luckily Dr. B was still working so Jerry called and took me in. She adjusted my neck and it helped my headache alot. Then that Wednesday I got a sinus infection. Then yesterday again had a terrible migraine!!! I was down and out for the day!
Today I just feel like I have been run over by a big truck. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and get adjusted. I think I am going to skip Saturday's from now on!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The basketball game was alot of fun. It has been a long time since I have went to a basketball game. Tanner's team won. They didn't play so good the first quarter, but they pulled it together in the remaining 3 quarters.
After the game we went back to Rich and Kerri's. Ate snacks and set around talking until the meal was ready. We had awesome chicken and beef tacos. Kerri out did herself with all the food she fixed. Plus she surprised me with an early birthday celebration. She made a chocolate cake, and had 3 types of ice cream. I loved every minute of it. Thanks so much!!!!! Kerri. Love you bunches! for being so thoughtful.
Pete and Shirley also surprised me with a gift card to Michael's, which I will put to use right away!!! I haven't been with Pete and Shirley on my Birthday since they retired and moved away. Family time is so wonderful. I feel so Blessed and so Loved! You all are so wonderful.
Back to reality, coming home from Kalamazoo, the wind has picked up and state road 13 is drifting. Will probably be one lane by morning. Church will be a wait and see thing.
Well I am getting ready to head to Kalamazoo to watch Tanners Basketball game. This is the first one we have been able to make it to this year. Pete and Shirley are picking us up and after the game we are going to hang out at Rich and Kerri's. Looking forward to a lot of fun.
Carter wants Uncle Jerry to bring his Wii game Blazing Angles. He loves it! It is so much fun to watch him get so wrapped up in it.
I have also started something new. Carmen and my sister in-laws thought I needed to be on facebook, so I am trying it. So far it has been really fun. I have been able to be in contact with a friend who is stationed in Iraq. I also found some of my high school friends that I haven't talked to in a while. Now we leave messages for each other quite often.
Technology! It is crazy to see where we are now compared to when I was growing up. As Carmen points out...the ancient days! LOL she will be there before she knows it.

It is still cold and snowy. But it is supposed to warm up to I think 33 today. But that will feel great after being in the negatives for so long. Yesterday morning our schools had a 2 hour delay because the roads were so icy. But spring isn't to far away, since tomorrow is the first day of February.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It has been a while since I have written. The last two weeks have been full. Two weeks ago we lost Jerry's Uncle Clete. He will be missed a great deal. So the week of his funeral we were coming and going and not really knowing which end was up. Jerry had to pick his sister up at the airport, she was flying in for the funeral. Needless to say she didn't like our artic weather we were having. She is from Virginia. Two days we had Jerry's family over in the evening for a meal and it was wonderful to sit around and catch up with everyone. Jerry's parents came up from Florida and are staying to help Aunt Cheryl in any way she needs. She is a very strong and wonderful lady. We love her bunches!!
The Monday after the funeral, Jerry again headed out. This time to Buffalo New York. He said the drive wasn't bad. He got home very early Friday morning. It was wonderful to have him back home. But the girls and I had some time alone which was also very nice. He thinks he is done traveling now until next January. Will see.
Saturday night we had Pete and Shirley over for a big pot of Homemade Beef and noodles. The beef was from a steer my brother Mark raised. I canned 25 quarts of stew meat. It makes the best beef and noodles. We also had a nice salad and then set around and talked some more. January 29th we are going to Kalamazoo to watch my nephew Tanner play basketball. We are all looking forward to that.
Today is catch up day! Went to church, had leftovers for lunch, took a small nap, one of Carmens friends stopped in and talked with us for a while, paid some bills and now waiting for Carmen to come home.
She won tickets for Skiing at Timberridge. She has never skied in her life! LOL So I can't wait to see the pictures and hear her stories. She is beginning to be quite the story teller like her dad.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well yesterday was a day full of all kind of adventures. Wednesday's are my days off. So I got to sleep in. Which was much needed, being I didn't get much sleep the night before. But I was up by 7:30 which like I said was sleeping in. Our furnace was acting up so we called and they said someone would be to our house between 9:00am and 11:00 am, I just love it when they can give you a specific time! But they showed up at 9:30 and finally figured out the problem now the furnace would start right away again. January in Northern Indiana is not the time to be having furnace issues! We even had it serviced in October.
Then Tenley gets up and isn't feeling well. She has the sinus cold and sore throat that I had the week on Christmas, and Carmen started with it 3 days ago. Carmen today was well enough that she went to work.
So the rest of the day was spent taking care of the girls, do laundry, house work and taking down all the Christmas decorations.
I even had time in the morning to put some homemade turkey and noodle soup together and put it in my crock pot for our supper that night!
After eating I decided to put the left over soup in containers so we could have them for our lunches, I needed to let them cool a little before putting the lids on them. So I walked to the living room to shut the drapes and I hear this strange noise coming from the Kitchen, I turn to see Maggi(my boxer) standing on her hind legs and pulling one of the containers off the counter and it dumps all over the kitchen floor. Needless to say I was furious, I know this is dumb but we have carpet in our kitchen! I spent and hour cleaning up. I couldn't believe Maggi did this, we have had her for 10 years and this only the second time she has ever done this. Well I let her know how mad I was, she ran and hid under our dinning room table. We did make up later in the evening.
Plus Jerry left at 7:00am for Wisconsin and won't be home until Saturday. So I am taking care of some of the stuff he normally takes care of. I can honestly say I don't know how single parents do this.
But I ended the day on a happy note, Jerry called and we were able to talk for a while and then I crawled into my nice warm bed for a short sleep before starting my day all over.