Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well today I spent the morning doing a little grocery shopping, buying plants for my garden and also some flowers.
I picked up a few odds and ends that we were going to be needing on our trip. Small size( I guess they are called travel size) hair spray, lotion etc.
Started some of my packing. I can't believe we are just about to our travel time!

So when I returned home I planted my small garden, also planted my flowers in their pots. Did some yard work then went inside to start there.

I love having a day off and then being able to actually be at home!

Oh Tenley and I did run to the dr's this am...She had to get a monitor for tonight when she sleeps. They are pretty sure she has sleep apnea. But with her having Down syndrome they don't want to make her sleep at the clinic if at all possible. It would freak her out to much.

So now I am supposed to be paying bills, but instead I am on the computer!

Well I had better go !

Friday, May 14, 2010

This afternoon I was treated to a pedicure by Carmen for my mothers day gift. It was so much fun. She had one also! It was her first. This was a major step for her! Her feet are so ticklish that she never wants anyone to touch them!
I teased her that she was a big girl today! Even though she is 21! The massaging of the feet and when they buffed off the dry/dead skin she was squirming in her chair!
I treasure these wonderful times together!
Tenley even decided to go along so she could see what they do. But we couldn't get her to even try it, not even a manicure! She just tucked her hands under her lap and pulled her feet under her chair! She had us laughing also. But she did get alittle bored.
I love these girl times! Since my girls have lives of their own I don't get to spend( or I should say we ) don't get enough of these special times!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well today was Mothers Day! It has been a wonderful day. Was able to sleep in a little bit!

Our Pastor had a wonderful sermon.
Came home and Jerry and Tenley fixed lunch! Jerry grilled steak and chicken. He also made a wonderful huge salad. Tenley set the table, then they both cleaned up after.
Carmen had to work the breakfast and lunch shift at subway, so she wasn't able to be here for lunch.
Jerry is now grilling his famous Chicken wings!
I was able to get alittle of my scrapbooking done and watched some chickflicks by myself!
I love Mothers Day!
But I do have to admit, I sure miss those Mothers Days where the girls would pick me a big bunch of whatever flowers were growing in the yard! They were always so proud, because they did it all by themselves! Those are some of the memories a Mother never forgets!
I hope all my wonderful female friends and family had a wonderful Mothers Day also!