Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well we had our last Christmas get together for 2008. Kerri, Rich , Tanner and Carter came today to have lunch and just hangout together.
The boys got the Wii for Christmas and brought there games to our house to play on our Wii. We all had so much fun. Jerry has the game"Blazing Angles". World War II planes and air battles. Carter wanted to beat uncle Jerry really bad, but I don't believe he did. He did beat him in some of the other games.
Carmen and Tanner had quite the competition going on some of the Wii play games. She beat him on everything, but he had his best score their last game of the shooting game. I played Jerry in racing cows, oh my gosh I did so bad, I was picking off the trees(not supposed to they aren't on the race track!) and not so many of the scarecrows and other items that you are supposed to hit. He beat the pants off of me! I guess I am going to have to practice a lot before playing him again.
We really need to get together more than just holidays. We really enjoyed the day.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A very special Christmas

The Sunday before Christmas was a very special day for our family. We had Christmas with Tori and her son Kory(who is our Godson). We had so much fun that day. Kory loved playing on the tredmill and making a fort out of the cushions. They were able to spend the whole day with us. Kory will be three in April.

A very special Christmas

Christmas Grotrian Style...means laughter, joy and good times. As you can tell by the pictures Texas hold em is a regular game played whenever we all get together.
Tylan brought his girlfriend Lisa. She is a very sweet and funny girl. Carmen brought her friend Travis also. Anthony and Kate also were able to come home again. We were so excited that they were able to come all the way from Kansas. Nathan was also able to come. Darrin had to work.

So a good time was had by all.

Christmas Grotrian Style

Great Aunt Kimi and Marshall. His favorite toy was an empty water bottle.
Carmen and Travis full of life.

Christmas Grotrian Style

Uncle Jerry and great Nephew Marshall.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well winter has decided to come in full force. It is -2 and with the windchill factor it is -30. I hope this is not a sign as to what we are in store for this winter. Yikes!!
Our electricity has went off about 3 times today. Luckily it was only for a few seconds.
I stayed home from church to get things ready for today. We had over Vic and her son Kory(our godson.) for our Christmas. Since the weather was so yucky Jerry, Carmen and tenley went and picked up vic and kory so she wouldn't have to drive in this weather.
I had a beautiful hot lunch waiting for everyone when they returned from Church. We had so much fun. Kory will be 3 in April. But boy can this boy talk. One thing that we thought was really cute was when ever he would talk about himself it is always Kory said, Kory wants, Kory doesn't want to do that. He loved the toy monster truck we got him. Jerry and Kory played for a long time on basement steps, setting up ramps and launching the truck from the top of the stairs.
Vic is starting college classes at Ivy tech in Elkhart January 12, 2009 for nursing. We are so proud of her.
I am sorry I don't have any pictures tonight. But I will have lots to post the day after Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well the busy Christmas season has started. I was hoping for a not so busy Christmas like we enjoyed last year. But no such luck. This is beginning to look like a very busy time for the Yoder family.
Last Saturday Jerry had his works Christmas party. We all met at the Blue Gate in Shipshewana. The weather was nasty, snowing and blowing! But it was so beautiful in Shipshewana, all the buildings with their beautiful white lights. The weather didn't seem so awful then. After the dinner Jerry had a Vegas night set up for his employees. They had a lot of fun.

Sunday we took the girls to Amish Acres for lunch and then we went to the round barn theater to see the play" Its a wonderful Life". We all had a good time. Later that afternoon Diane came and picked Tenley up and they went and saw the movie" High School Musical 3", then on to Hacienda to eat after the movie.
This weekend is also busy, tonight we have my office Christmas party, Sunday we meet in the afternoon with our bible study group for our study and our Christmas party. Then next Saturday Christmas with the Grotrian side, Sunday a special Christmas at our house with our special (unofficial adopted) daughter and her son our God son. Then you have Christmas Eve and then Christmas day...Whew! But not done yet! We have Christmas at our house with the Kerri, rich, tanner and Carter on the Sunday after Christmas. We are very busy but love being with everyone.
I made Jerry promise me that New Years Eve would be spent at home doing only fun stuff. Games, movies, pizza, beer and plenty of laughs.
So I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and always remember the Reason for the Season is Jesus! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.